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Each week I'll add one more step for your succes
In 10 years I used many services and companies, and here is my experienced review


0 - Business strategy
Focus on what you do best, and get all the tools you need, avoiding information overload. Believe me... ...

My suggestion is Turbo Membership:

My sincere advice? The renewed Turbo Membership. It has everything you need without months of searching, and money spent on a trial and error basis. In the past I spent thousands of dollars buying scripts, applications and services from individual vendors and even on Ebay. What a mistake. Now I'm a better buyer.

This is what you will get every month as a Turbo Member:

- Free quality hosting account (1 Gb of Space and 50 Gbs of bandwith)
- Professional Hosted Account of Fantasos (the hosted version of a script that costs $2997)
- Aweber autoresponder account (that usually costs $19.95 per month)
- 1 new and unique ebook with private label and resell rights
- 1 new and unique script with private label and resell rights
- 10 new and unique PLR articles
- 5 new PLR Templates
- Access to a software club and 20 other memberships
- Online product protector system
- 4 sets of PLR niche keywords
- 150+ additional products
- Access to the Turbo Membership community and university
- 4 new turn-key websites per month plus 65 already made
- Free quality applications and scripts
- 95% commissions on high quality products

This will take care of all your needs. You don't need anything else besides persevarance.

Want something more as a bonus? Email me at:

Turbo Membership costs $97 a month, but you will save much more in the long run.

1 - Registering a domain
Best price, security and extra services

When choosing a place to register a domain, don't just look at the price, but at the security of your domain. Do you want to build a business, with the risk of loosing your domain? It happened! Search for Registerfly...

$6.95 domain registration and transfers - wholesale prices but powered by Godaddy

2 - Hosting your site
Fast, good features, excellent support

Regarding WebHosting check disk space and bandwith, but much more important is the uptime guarantee, number of concurrent sql connections, quality of support, number of clients per server, cpu usage and so on.

Disk: 350000 Mb , Bandwith: 3500 Gb, 99% Uptime, Host 10 sites - $5.59 w/ coupon

3 - AutoResponder
Contact your customers, send newsletters,

There is no service with better value/money price than Aweber. For a low monthly price, or even lower annual subscription, you can have unlimited autoresponders and newsletters, 10000 subscribers, and a very high deliverability rate, because Aweber is a company with good reputation, and has their system whitelisted with the biggest email companies, so that your emails don't end in the spam folder.

Unlimited autoresponders and newsletters with more than 99% email deliverability

4 - Web Site Software
Memberships, affiliate programs, shopping carts and more

There is one software that has all these features. It is called JV Manager!

I chose JV Manager to centralize my business operations and Aweber to email my customers

Want JVManager 1 with or without resell rights?

See it here: JVManager 1


Buy JV Manager 2 Enterprise with a 20% discount:

Once you click the order link on the sales page, select the product, insert your email address and proceed.
Fill in your details and insert the special coupon I will give to all my clients, and then click the"Update form" button.

Want a bonus? What do you want? Web Hosting? Web Design? Products?

Buy JV Manager 2 from this link JV Manager 2 ,
and send me an email with the receipt to:

You can ask me what you need. I can provide free hosting for 1 year
(from LunarCoupon or Jump12), products with private label or resell rights
(from DeluxePLR), or a custom design - template & 3d cover (from DeluxeDesigner)

I will donate 10% of my profits from this campaign to Unicef


Use JVManager 2 Fantasos Hosted version

If you cannot afford buying JVManager 2 Fantasos, you can use the hosted version.
It is part of the Turbo Membership, and you receive so much more (see the top of this page).

Be a Turbo Member - Signup here Turbo Membership

Some of the features of JVManager 2:

- Manage remote sites through one installation (each one with a different design if you want)
- Create membership sites (subscription based and canceled orders management)
- Create mini sites with automated affiliate links
- Create unlimited one time opportunities
- Create unlimited shopping carts (people can order multiple single products)
- Single products (with encrypted download link)
- Products delivered through protected areas
- Create discount coupons
- Setup a points rewarding system
- Create packages of products contributed by other members, with special commissions
- Create special packages for returning customers
- Group single products into different packages
- Manage remote sites through one installation
- Create dime sales
- Check and follow up with people that signed up, but didn’t order
- Shorten long urls (even for urls outside JVManager) through the affiliates area
- Offer several payment gateways in the order page
- Create special promotions for JV partners (sell or give that access)
- Lock refunders, ban their email address and/or IP
- Retrieve valuable data, like who are your best clients or affiliates, from all your sites, and contact them
- Give 100% instant commissions to your affiliate’s Paypal account
- Pay people for sending new free members, newsletters, etc

With the Enterprise version you can run a professional eCommerce platform, or affiliate network, allowing other people to manage their or your products and affiliate programs through the accounts you provide. You just have to sell administrative access.

In one script you can have the features that would otherwise require several separate scripts (Butterfly Marketing Script, Amember, DLGuard, etc)

Unlike some inflexible scripts, you can adapt JV Manager to your needs.

If you want to build a business, managing sales, delivering products, managing affiliates, joint ventures, refunds, customer service, and so on, you need an efficient way to manage all these tasks, to save time for product development.

- You allow your affiliates to use an autoresponder, and contact their downlines
- You can define a guarantee period so that your affiliates will only be credited after that
- Issue time limited passwords
- Your customers have one unique login, for all their memberships
- Use the built-in autoresponder system, or send the subscriber info to an external autoresponder service (like Aweber)
- Send part of the proceedings to one or more affiliate IDs as royalties (for the creator of a program) or donations (for charities)
- Sell advertising inside the affiliate area
- Run contests, and reward your best affiliates

And there are even more features. We can't list them all.

If you want to see what JVManager2 can do for your business, see what it can offer: JVManager 2

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